>> Sunday, May 15, 2005


Ninja Boy is back! Every Sunday on 11.30 a.m. at NTV7.

To all Kirimaru, Tantaro and Shinbei fans out there, don't forget to watch. And no dates on Sunday morning ya?

Just a little introduction to the clueless:

Kirimaru - some sort of the leader for the gang, smart but his head is full of thoughts for money
Tantaro - the tallest of them three and wears spectacle, kind hearted
Shinbei - the cutest and chubbiest, always thinking of food and childish, fond of his Shinpei (a girl who's cute, chubby and childish just like him from the enemy all-girl ninja school)

That completes my Sunday morning cartoon schedule.

Ninja ninja ninjama, niiiinn niiiinn ninjama! Hemo hemo hemo.


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