Peer Pressured.

>> Friday, May 20, 2005

Believe me when I say that my mother is a victim of peer pressure at the age of 58.

I called her this morning, and she shocked me by asking me to buy her skincare products. As a kampung-type mother who loves doing works at her kebun and orchid nursery under the sun and devoted all her life to take care of my sick father, she didn't give a damn about her skin before.

But now, she cares.

Because all her friends recently use a skincare product that seems to work miracle on their ageing face, and so my mother is pressured. At the same time, she's unsure to use the same product as her friends. According to her, sure their skin look smooth, tapi macam udang terbakar under the hot sun. Since my mother loves working outdoor, she doesn't want to look like barbecued prawn.

Well, I don't blame her for being peer pressured. Now that my father had passed away, she has ample time to spare, and her mengaji friends are her only means of socializing. Off course she has her kebun, orchid nursery, and cats, but these things can't response to her chatting. Furthermore, since we built a new brick house, the cats didn't want to live in the house anymore. They preferred the old wood shack my mother built behind the house.

[I know it's odd, but our family actually talks to cats. The response? They just blink blink :D]

Luckily she has her best friend at her side. The thing is, her best friend is peer pressured too. But at least, she got gang.

So I told her not to worry, I'll find a suitable skincare for her. And when she came to KL, I'll bring her to facial.

Now, any ideas? Dermalogica OK tak for old people?


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