Two old misers.

>> Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Mr. and Mrs. Stingy went to shopping mall to buy some things. Upon reaching there, they bought 4 RM1.50 Rotiboy, whicn in total costed them RM6. They sat in a bench next to a hugging lovey duvey ewww couple, and shared the Rotiboy with their son, who digs the Rotiboy crust so much. And, they drank bottled water that Mrs. Stingy brought from home.

Then, off they went to IT City to buy some networking gadget for Mr. Stingy's company.

Next, they went to Jusco to buy presents for Mrs. Stingy's going-to-be-married-friend, and Mr. Stingy's birthday-boy-nephew. The presents costed them RM150+. Mrs. Stingy was so upset because there was sales the last time she went to buy presents for others (two weeks ago) and she was able to buy better presents. She just hope that they would love the presents.


Mrs. Stingy wonders when will she be buying gift for herself. Like, a new shoes to replace her going-to-be-berlubang-soon black shoes maybe?

Well.... Mrs. Stingy thought that it's better to follow Mr. Stingy advice. Spend wisely, buy important things only. Lead REAL ordinary life now, and become rich later.

Temptation is everywhere, but she just need to persevere.

She'll wait for the next 70% sales to buy new shoes then. Furthermore, Mr. Stingy used the same old shoes that his brother gave perhaps, four years ago to office everyday and she better not complain kan?

A big bungalow with a swimming pool in a big farmland awaits her in the next 20 years. Eheh, not that she can swim though *g*


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