2 times kantoi.

>> Friday, June 03, 2005

I have two days before MIL come to town. Now, where's my Oshin uniform? Oh, and my kamikaze headband Lynn bought me from Japan.

[Actually none of us know what the writing means, but who cares? As long as it's Japanese]

Still on the demanding mood, I've decided not to buy anything for the coming newborn. So, a very huge, big, massive, mammoth, enormous, 5-feet tall baby hamper would be very, very nice :grin:


Uh oh!

You know what? Just a few minutes ago, my GM personally came to my table and asked me to make minor amendment to my proposal paper.

Huuu... most GM would ask you to come to their table, but mine..... uh oh, luckily I didn't pee in my panty when she barged from my behind. I was writing up this post at that time.

Adakah aku kantoi?


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