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>> Thursday, June 02, 2005

Dear Lady D (you know who you are :wink:)
Thank you for your email. I can't say how much delighted I am to receive feedbacks from my ehem, fans. All these words of ehem, praises and supports provide me the aspiration to keep on writing, and a leeetle bit of bluffing :uhuk: to add geez to my lame story. And I do hope that you will keep on reading my blog.

As for your question, the writer lives at Blok 4, Vista Angkasa. Perhaps you may have see her there before. If you see any lady with plain tudung sekolah and a big bulging tummy alongside a sempoi Mat Tabligh guy and a baby boy needing obedience school, that might be her. But whatever happens, don't approach her. She bites. And you'll disappoint to know that she's not as she may portray in the blog hohoho.

Anyway, the writer wishes to tell you that, you have such a nice name :) I bet you are as pretty too :ayat beli jiwa peminat hohoho:

Please keep the emails coming, ya!?


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