Love Letter.

>> Wednesday, June 01, 2005

I am already 7-months pregnant, but I have yet to prepare things for the expecting newborn (Insya Allah). Especially baby clothing. Ameer's old one is beyond hope, size dah jadi besar. Hmm.. perhaps if I write a love letter to whom it may concern, and we'll see what happen next :suggestive smile:

My everdearest,
As a good and caring friend, you may have notice that my bulging tummy is getting prominent from day to day. As a matter of fact, it may burst any time from now.

A dedicated shopaholic you are, you may also have notice that the big sales is everywhere. JJ, Metrojaya, Sogo, Isetan.. you name it! And prices are slashed up to 70%! [Note that most sales ended 12 June]

Why wait when you can shop now with great discounts?

And shall I add that some of you have just received enormous bonus and salary increment?

I believe you should have understand by now what these things suggestively lead to :grin:

p/s: you may want to read the previous post :another chesire cat grin:


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