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>> Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Some people may say, how do I manage when I don't earn that much?

The key my friend, is sadaqah and baraqah.

Err, I don't even have enough for myself now you want me to sadaqah? you may ask.

Don't worry. Allah had promised us that the more we sadaqah, the more rezqi we'll get. And his promise is never a mere "planting sugarcane on the corner of one's lip."

Sometimes out of nowhere, macam jatuh dari langit, the rezqi will come. And the little money that you have, is enough for you to come by. That, is the baraqah of sadaqah, my friend.

And who's the best to sadaqah to if not your family. It is very advisable to allocate a portion of your earnings for your parents' allowances. This allocation is supposedly be a dedicated one, not "whatever left in my wallet by the end of the month, kalau ada ada, takde tak payah".

Give small if you can't give a lot. The important thing is, berazam. Insya Allah, your determination to sadaqah will help you pull through.

Sadaqah is not only about money. You can also give away gifts. Tak boleh bagi power-power, benda kecik2 pon takpe. As long as the gift brings smile to the taker. My SIL for example, couldn't afford to give a lot of money to my mum, but she always give her arranged flowers, decorations for her kitchen, orchids for her garden, etc. My mum loves all her gifts.

Last Saturday, I went back kampung and my mother, as expected, complained about her skin complexion. She said, no wonder her skin is dark, because she's always under the sun. But she can't help it, she loves gardening. That night, I went to a grocery store and to my surprise, I found the big nyonya-jual-sayur hat. I bought it for her, and I could see her eyes sparkled and berkaca-kaca.

The hat only cost me RM3.50.

Alhamdulillah, I strongly believe that my late father do'a and the baraqah of sadaqah have been the 'asbab' of my happy and serene life. Thank thee, God.

Other than that, as always been reminded by Mat Tabligh, live by your means. If your earnings allow you to drive a Kancil, then drive a Kancil. FYI, we have been going around with Mat Tabligh's old second hand Kancil until recently. If we weren't pressured by our families to change car, I think we might still driving that dear old Kancil hehe. By doing this, Insya Allah, you will never have cash shortage tengah2 bulan. Like us :D

In a nutshell, be the stingy Mr.Scrooge with yourself, but extra generous to others.


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