Racing Stripes

>> Monday, May 30, 2005

He's too fascinated with zebra that even a giraffe is called "eba".

So I have to explain to him that a zebra looks like a horse with white and black stripes, while a giraffe is a very tall and long-neck animal with brown spots.

After numerous chanting of zirafahs, he finally calling it as "afah".


Now I couldn't wait for Madagascar on vcd so that he can learn more. (And more replays of the same movie erk!)

On a different story, I am oh so pleased with myself that I was able to buy a good wedding present for my best friend, Intan. Thanks to the bonus and big sales in JJ.

The comforter set from Perrin de Rossi was actually priced at RM630, and at 70% discounts, I was able to get it by less than RM200.

The comforter set was soo beautiful that I myself was tempted to use it, and buy another present for Intan. No thanks to my devilish mum who kept on saying,"Cantiknya, lagi best kalau guna sendiri, tini." Huhuhu.

But my young brother brought me back to my conscience by saying,"Tuhan dah tetapkan comforter tu rezeki Intan."

It's amusing to know that your younger brother can say such a wise word.

Anyway, tommorrow I'm going to JJ again for more wedding presents shopping. Yes, the month of May/June, month of weddings. Letiiihhh makcik nyah!

Luckily it's the month of sales too. Kalau tak, kopak makcik hehe.


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