A father's sacrifice.

>> Thursday, June 30, 2005

Disclaimer: If you are a regular of this blog, you may have notice that I always have that my-father-once-told-me stories. Well, I can't help it, he loved me the most :D

Everytime we went to my late grandma's house, we will pass this old wooden house with rumbia rooftop amongst rubber trees. I tell you, it's really, really old. It doesn't even have paint on it.

Then one day, maybe realising my amusement everytime we passed the house, my dad told me the story.

"That house, belongs to one chinese rubber tapper. As you can gather from the house, he is very, very poor. He goes around wearing torn Pagoda singlet, seluar katok and selipar jepon on his old Raleigh bicycle.

But he send all his children to pursue their studies in overseas. (That time, it was very hard for non-bumis to gain entry to public universities, and local private university does not exist yet). He didn't get any help from others, let alone the government. He used his tulang empat kerat.

Imagine his hardwork, determination, and simple way of life, dedicated to his children's education. A true father indeed."

Today, on the same plot of land, a new bungalow has been built. Perhaps by his successful and rich children. I heard that most of his children are doctors and engineers.

But the old wooden house is still there. The rubber trees are still there. Perhaps the sentimental values is too much for the father to let it go :)

So imagine my frustration when people goes hoohahing over government's move to offer education loan only to critical courses.

Why people why? Can't you be more independent? Susah sikit tak boleh ker sebelum nak jadi senang?

(Dah la gitu, bila org dah kasi pinjam, tanak pulang. Kan dah menyusahkan org lain)

Sampai bila hidup nak bergantung pada orang.


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