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>> Monday, July 04, 2005

Many had voiced out their curiosity over my maternity fashion. They couldn't remember seeing my maternity clothes sold over the racks, so they asked.

Well.. off course you can't see it anywhere else, since I tailor-made most of my clothing. My body is somewhat a challenge that I find it quite difficult to buy the ready-made ones.

Now, since I tailor-made my maternity clothes, I have the freedom to choose the fabric to my liking. Being the stingy women I am, the clothes I pick is never more than RM7 per meter hoho. In spite of the cheap price though, I can say that the fabric chosen is quite good. When I say good, I mean not as boring and lame as the usual fabric and pattern that fashion retailers use to make maternity dresses.

My maternity version of baju kurung gets the most oohs aahs. Usually pregnant ladies would either wear two-piece blouse and skirt/pants, or maternity dress, or jubah. Very rare you'll see one with baju kurung. With nice fabric and pattern some more. So, I can understand their amusement hehe.

I think, it might be interesting to open a boutique to sell my line of maternity clothing, isn't it? Imagine the brand name, TINIDEWI. Woah....

Then, I'll have adjustment/alter service on site. Should you find the kain is too long, you can get it cut to your height on the dot, vice versa. Hmm... that would be good.

It takes gut to make this idea a reality, though.


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