The Story of Eid.

>> Friday, November 11, 2005

It was a very memorable Raya indeed.

The evening we reached Johore was spent hopping from one shop to another looking for the perfect sofa for the house. The old one is, well very very old. An aunty told my mom to buy new one because as far as she could remember, the sofa had been in the family waaaayyy back when she's anak dara and now she's fifty.

In the end, we chose a maroon and gold sofa that I had been suggesting to my mom at the very first shop we went. After bargaining, we got that for RM3000. Actually I had suggested a better one, but it is too expensive and my mom wouldn't want me to spend that much.

When we got back home, I got rashes all over the body. Oh my god, it's damn itchy! Must have gotten the germs from one of the shops. Ggrr. I spent the night crying in my pink room huhu. (Since I'm the only daughter, mine is the only pink room in the house hehe)

But when I woke up in the morning and saw the new sofa in the living hall (it arrived as I confined myself in the room the night before), I was like, wow! So nice. It really matched with the whole concept of the house. Except for maybe, the old curtain. Nevermind, bonus next year beli curtain pulak.

Looking at the now-has-new-sofa living hall and feeling proud of myself, the itchy rashes seemed to fade away.

Monday. We went to Johore Bahru. Arrived at Long's at 1.00 p.m. but nobody was at home. We found out later that it was schooling day. So, we went to Jaya Jusco, Taman Universiti to shop for Zahra's carseat and some other things. Wanted to buy some pillows to complement the sofa, but unsure if they would match. But we managed to grab one nice tablecloth for the dining table in the living hall. Then we went back to Long's to pray and laze around.

After Asar, we went to my old school to meet my aunty and her family for buka puasa. My aunty is the penolong kanan there, so she get to live in the teacher's quarters. Hmm.. to those srikandis reading my blog, I just want to tell you guys that our school is still as beautiful as ever. Should have taken pictures. Mat Tabligh couldn't say much because his SMACH is so ugly when we went there, and I went eeii buruknya, and my school is sooo nice and all. All he could mumble was, well my school used to be beautiful. Hek eleh.

Anyway, the buka puasa buffet was great! We ate at a restaurant in Bandar Baru Uda, fronting the mosque. Just thinking it back make my mouth waters :slobbering:

Wednesday. Went to Batu Pahat to meet up with the Danilas girls. Fauzah is glowing with maternal beauty, and Mat Tabligh commented that she looks cuter than when she's thin hehe. Fauzian maintain kurus, but I've already enlighten her that chubby is sexier :wink:

Went to The Summit BP to check out the pillows. OK, this was where I sprained my ankle. A day before raya. Whadda?! Not only I failed to find any suitable pillows, sprain ankle somemore. I couldn't walk the whole night. How am I going to Raya? Huhuhu... seeing my agony, Mak put kapur and halia tumbuk on the ankle and bandaged the whole leg. Aiyooo the halia was soo hot and again, I cried in my sleep.

First raya. I limped to walk. Ngee.. but raya still raya hoho. Furthermore I couldn't sit around and watched while Mak busy attending to the guests. They're too many for everyone to handle so I gotta help. Many commented that I look slim :eyebrows: :muka kerek:

Second raya. Time to beraya. Drove back to KL after Isya'.

Third raya. Afternoon flight to KB. Abah fetched us nearly 30 minutes late, mumbling about the bad traffic jam. Yeah, now that all the KLites balik kampung. Tak boleh ke balik kampung lain? Johor tak jam pon hehe.

After Asar we went straight to Perdana Beach resort, PCB for Tok Ayoh's family gathering. The family, well... so huge. I couldn't even remember their faces whatmore their names. The pakciks and makciks are easy, Makcik Nah, Makcik Ma, Pok Su Ne, Pok Ngoh so on so on, but their children until their cucu.. aiyooohh, all I can do was to flash my superficial smile ngeeee.

Fourth raya. Sukaneka, but I stayed in the room. Dengan alasan Adik Zahra and Ameer were still sleeping. Hehe, they were sleeping. But even if they're not, I'll make up other excuses because I'm still sleepy hoho. I joined the crowd at about 11.30 a.m. and Ameer upon seeing the swimming pool, went straight there so Mat Tabligh left me alone to tend to myself ggrr. Again, the superficial smile.

But we won the cabutan bertuah yay!

Fifth raya. Spent the morning visiting Ayoh Hassan and Mok, and Mok Salor. Then we rushed to the airport to catch the 3.00 p.m. flight.

Oh, did I mention that I got diarhea in KB?


rashes, sprained ankle and diarhea. what better way to celebrate raya eh?


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