Playing Hide and Seek in Ramadhan.

>> Friday, October 28, 2005

You know those cosy, nicely decorated, secluded nursing rooms at jaya jusco, don't you?


I ate muffins in one of those rooms.

Loads and loads of yummy muffins.

Chocolate chips, orange seeds and bananas. Oh I wished I had taken the blueberry muffin too.

Then I gushed 'em all with the forbidden drink. COKE.

Luckily mom was not around to give me the stare.

I felt like school kid playing truant, hiding from being found. But still, the muffins tasted good.

ok, everything tastes good when everybody else is fasting and you're not MUAHAHAHA.

Wait, I take that back, green veggie still yucky, fasting or not.


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