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>> Thursday, October 27, 2005

Reading back previous posts, it made me realise that I am not that good a writer.

OK before you say no lah tini, you're good, i love your writing, you're so funny and all, and other 'membodek' stuff hehe, well.. didn't you guys notice that I sometime fail to write in proper English. Ada je yang rojak BM here and there. Ha see, see?!

And compare mine with Lynn's. Her conduct of English is so good! No wonder Normie loves her. Jealous ggrr.

I always have to ask her, eh Lynn how you say this in English aa? And she always has the answer. Ggrr.

Oh, how am I going to make this my profession? :devastated:

But nevermind, I still have four years to polish up my writing skills before quitting my nine-to-five job.

OK, maybe if I can't be a writer (how on earth am I going to persuade people to publish my articles anyway), maybe I can be a translator. Hey, that's good.

I heard from Long that the pay is good. He had many offers (he's an English tutor in UTM) but he simply turned it down. Because he's a perfectionist when it came to English, he wants to do it right, one page could take a week for him to translate. Furthermore, he had his own work to do.

So, when people offers translation job to him, he can recommend me to them. Brilliant eh? Surely people won't doubt my ability since my brother is so good and I'm his sister. I'm bound to be as good as him, no?

Now, you must be wondering why am I making a fuss out of this. It's not like I'm going to quit tommorrow la kan? Still have many years down the road. Relax la sis.

I CAN'T! I seriously need to plan ahead about working at home. I freak out, okay?

I need to show to my mom that housewives too has economic value, to her family, to the society, to the nation. I need to prove to the people who opposed to my ideas that women who choose to stay at home are not dumb, bored people, have no vision in life, or perabis duit mak bapak sekolahkan tinggi-tinggi.

We are actually people with high 'jati diri'. We choose to be a housewife because we want to. And we do it for the love of our children. Not to say that working moms do not love their children, but we have choices, so kena ukur baju di badan sendiri ya? There is no right or wrong here :)

Most importantly, I do not want people to point their finger and say "I've told you so" when things go wrong. I need to do it right. So I plan... and freak out now.

I need my green tea.

Oopsie, puasa la dong.


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