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>> Monday, December 12, 2005

The furnitures get new arrangement. Again. If you asked me, I preferred the status quo. But when the man who-makes-decisions-in-the-house decides, there's no point saying buts.

He was frustrated with the condition of the hall. Things were everywhere. And he blamed it on the tv and PC. Since these two important entertainment things were in the living room, we (refers to my tv-addicted son, and his equally addicted mom) had this laid back attitude towards the room. We had pillows, blankets, and toto (nope, I do not mean lottery ticket :P) were on the floor. Ameer worsen the place by scattering his toys all around, when he was supposed to play in his room only.

Ah so much so of his own room :P

So the man who-makes-decisions-in-the-house-and-you-couldn't-say-no transferred the tv and PC into the guest/prayer room. Guests, especially The Invaders, would enjoy these facilities in the privacy of their room whenever they come to the house. Now, where do we pray then eh?

The living hall.

Yes, my living hall now looks like a surau.

So if you come to my house and say, can i use your room to pray?, I'll say, just pray in the living hall dear.


I wonder where he will hang the white board, where he writes his Hadis Harian. Not the living hall I hope.



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