When boss not around.

>> Tuesday, December 13, 2005

My tanduk had emerged underneath the tudung yesterday. Boss was not in, and it's not good to throw away a good opportunity. As the old saying goes, rezeki jangan ditolak.

I had initially planned to go to MidValley. But then, a taxi driver refused me by saying that his car won't be able to enter that area. I was like, eh?

So, change of plans. I head to the lrt, and made a pit stop at Kl Sentral for lunch. Me being cheeky .. i mean, chicky person, as usual ate KFC. You must have been wondering why I never get bored with chickens. Well dear, chickens never go wrong. No matter how you cook, they just taste great!

[Background music: I feel like chicken tonite, like chicken tonite!]

Eh, what with chicken stories :P Back to me please.

Then I boarded the lrt again to Pasar Seni station and headed to Uda Ocean, a place where I used to hang out before. While Aini loves her Maidin, I love my UO hahahaha.

I went there for two reasons:
i) luggage
ii) pyjamas :P

And yeah, I've found the cheapest luggage I've seen so far. The same luggage would cost nearly RM200 at Jaya Jusco with only 10% discount, and some shops in Midvalley having their sales right now, offered RM150. The one in UO was priced at RM130.

Now.. all I need to do is to bribe Mat Tabligh to drive me here this weekend :P

Don't you think it's high time for me to learn driving hhmm?

And to my delight, I found the cheapest pyjamas in town hahahaha. Bought two matching pajamas, long sleeves for me, short sleeves for him ahem. One at RM19.90.

Actually, it was intended to be his birthday present, yes I'm a cheapskate :P but I was so excited with my new pyjamas, well you know me and my liking towards pyjamas & nighties, so I wore it last night.

And he went, no pyjamas for me?


So the secret was broken :P

To make it worse, he also wore his as we went to Abe Har's place at Shah Alam.

If you saw a couple wearing matching pyjamas, that, could be us.

Eee malunya. Nak pakai sama ngan gua kat rumah je la weeeii.

Now I have to think of another birthday present for him :P

Oh, anyway, the taxi driver was right. I saw from the lrt that the traffic to MidValley was bad. Luckily I went to my favourite mall of all time, UO.



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