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>> Thursday, January 05, 2006

I bought this yesterday.

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Sweet Almond & Oatmeal Daily Body Scrub from Terra Firma range by The Natural Source.

OK. Before you give me that suspicious look, no I did not go to Midvalley. Even though boss was not around, I had been such a good kuli for the past two days. And I intend to remain the goodiness for the rest of working days. I mean, for this week. Definitely not forever.

Eh, ada sales ek kat Sogo?

I asked a good colleague to buy it for me as she went to Midvalley for lunch. Yes, XX people very rich. We have lunch at Midvalley, Bangsar Village, One Utama so on so on.

The actual price of the scrub is RM34. It was RM31 before, but thanks to de-peg of ringgit, inflation, currency rate bla bla bla, they increase the price come 2006. Since I had 2 RM10 coupons (I'm a regular), so I only paid RM14.

Tried it last night. The verdict? I am soooo going to have another one when this tube empty. Beat any lulur any time. No offence to lulur believers :D

I smell like sweet almond. Nearly ate myself in the bathroom.

Lynn, how's your Binari Lulur? Hehe.

I really love TNS products. It's organic and not tested on animals. They use human instead.

It's like The Body Shop, but I don't like the brand because I think it's over exposed. Haha itu macam pon ada ka? Just like I don't really like Siti because of the over exposure? Macam tu la. Or Mawi for Lynn's example hehe.

Anyway, if you guys (err girls?) want to buy anything from TNS, you could just say my name when you pay (they have this database thingy, cool ha?), and the lovely girls will give you RM10 coupon for every RM50 spent.

What's my name again?



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