Wipe your tears away.

>> Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Ameer handed me a towel when I was watching Korean soppy drama for me to wipe my tears.


He is so going to be a heartrob when he's older. Understanding and attentive. Girls like that. (Not to mention, handsome too!)

Plus, he's good at kissing. Haha. Mat Tabligh is so going to kill me with his sort-of-Tarabas eyes when he reads this :grin:

Talking about Qorban and Eidul Adha, Adik Zahra was down with fever and flu since Saturday. Now that we found rashes on her body, we're going to take her to Darul Ehsan Medical Center after Eidul prayer to check for that dreadful Denggi.

Yeah, I preferred Pantai since it is only sepelaung away from our apartment, but the-man-who-decides-in-the-house doesn't like that hospital because it's too cold. Duh!

It's easy for him to say, because he is not the one who has to take care of Zahra. Since Zahra is fully breastfeeding and Shah Alam is too far away, I can't go back home for awhile while she's warded.

Ggrr. As always, I'm the one who had to sacrifice.

Ha ungkit-ungkit. Tak ikhlas la tu. Hehehehehe :P


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