Fat Chance.

>> Tuesday, February 14, 2006

I may be able to slash the Real Property Gains Tax by RM1200. Woohoo! Now that we have some excess money to jolly frog, I think perhaps I can do some wish list, like Aida did.

  • A good printer - I've been miserably guilty on using printers at work for personal use isk.
  • Hexagon water filter (if the old one is beyond repairs)
  • Jalan-jalan Cari Angin
  • Ahmad said last night,"Lets get a new digital camera!" Yeah right. Your budget ok?

    Uh-uh. Then again, there're bills. Lots of them to pay up. Queueing from last year. Damn! Reality bites.

    [2]I managed to pinned down Ahmad on my "Farm" ideas. I told him that Malaysia is really in need of domestic production of halal meat. We had been depended on imports, since domestic industry provides only 20% of demand. Wow! Doesn't that make jaga lembu sounds great to you?

    Well, I told him only the good side of the story. Like, how nice it is to live in a farm. Very simple life indeed. I'll rear some chickens, and grow vegetables at the back of our little house. Sweet corns, ubi kayu, sugarcane, banana, there's a lot of things to grow. We can also have a fish pond. Abundance of cute little duckies. The family will be getting fresh food on the table for mealtimes. And to quote Jabatan Haiwan, one need to spend two to four hours only a day to tend for 200 cows, if you use feed lot method. He had plenty of time in the afternoon and evening for prayers and ibadats. And, we could always sedeqah the excess food to nearby orphanage or poor neighbours.

    I didn't tell him how smelly the work is, off course :P

    Hopefully I can manage the hard work. I remembered loving to follow my mom to her kebun, until I got the "Get Out" summon from my dad to a boarding school. It's Ahmad I'm worried for. He came from a rich family, where his definition of hard life is occasion walk to school (which is not that far from home) when he's 7.

    And this is the same man who said euww to his kids' poo. Wonder how he'll manage with cow's dung. Lots of them. We're talking about hundred of cows here.

    But anyway, I strongly believe he can do it. Sebab dia macho.

    I'll remind him to use some sun block though. Don't want my husband to look brownish and "orang kampung"y hahaha crap.

    My husband pointed out that, since I chose to live it that way, no more whining about how big Aini's house is or that Aida just got herself a new necklace. Ok dear, your point noted :P Wait till we break even and growing and finally getting profits like heaps and heaps of thousands per month. Woohoo! I'm so going to build so grand a house HAHAHAHA.

    I gave myself three years to save money for the capital. Well, that's when my bond expires anyway. We need at least 150K to start up. Tolong la ada VSS masa aku nak resign tu :P

    But maybe we can start at a smaller scale to get some experience. Will rethink after our hajj :-)


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