The date.

>> Monday, February 13, 2006

I forgot how nice it is to walk side by side, his hand in mine, with no exact idea of where to go. Just go with the flow.

Without worrying losing your kid (who dashed like Flash) in zillionth of people. Without worrying your kid fall on his knees while jumping on the steps. Without worrying your kid go hungry and crying for feed. Without worrying of someone's poo.

Only you and him.

The date was nice :-)

p/s: 3 days to our 4th Anniversary hehe.

[2]As we sat in Secret Recipe, doing some analytical studies on human behavior, a couple came in and she nearly made me choke on my Gourmet Pie. Aaa??

What. with. the pink theme?

She wore a super bright pink blouse and skirt. It wouldn't be that bad a taste if she chose a floral skirt or whatever pattern there may be to match the blouse, but nope, she wore a plain skirt of the same color. It looks like a uniform or something. In super bright pink. People can see her 10 miles ahead.

To complement the look, she painted her face with, well... pink theme off course. Too much of pink blusher I shall say. She tied her hair into two ponytails with ribbons. Zahra would look cute in ponytails and ribbons when she's 12, but I doubt she'll be as cute when she's twenty something. To think about it, the girl in Full House looks cute in ponytails, so Zahra may be too. But the girl in this story, not. I forgot to look at her feet, but I guess she might be wearing pink shoes :P

Did mommy dearest dress you this morning dear?

Yeah I know it's Valentine, and it's "the" date with your boyfriend, but there's no need to go overboard in the fashion department eh?

Ahmad, giving his input as a guy, plus that I'm too focused on holding back my laughter and tears, said that her partner looked embarrased with her bad choice of style. I mean, Ahmad would kill himself if I wear something like that on our date.

Anyway, thank you for giving me such amusement on Saturday morning. I really need it before I'm back to two-kids-and-a-messy-apartment life.


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