Visiting the Doc.

>> Friday, February 10, 2006

Oh God.

I thought it's a lady doctor.

"No, it's a guy." He smiled.

Oopps, did I say it out loud? :turned red:

Ah, what the heck. Might as well asked him.

.... hajj.... pills.... but I haven't got my.... breastfeeding.... contraception.... how?

He explained in detail. Whatever it is, the menses had to come before any contraception method. But he didn't recommend to take any hormonal pills to force the menses to come because it will affect me. Oh, wasn't that so nice of him? Thinking about my long-term health and all. Some doctors wouldn't care. Sakit sikit pon bagi antibiotik ggrr.

So he wrote a recommendation letter to my gynae. Because gynaecologist can do a lot of tests to diagnosis and could better advise me. And I lied to him. I said Dr.Nora attended me for the last labor. Well, yeah.. people says not-so-nice things about her, but I think I preferred her than the other gynae.

Hmm.. but the recommendation letter does not have any effect, right? The company obviously do not cover for this.

It's time to get my tawakkal and iman in full gear :P


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