An outing at One Utama.

>> Saturday, February 04, 2006

If you saw a boy doing the scare stance ala cannibal in front of the rabbits at Pets Wonderland, that might be my son.

He must have thought those were Were Rabbits. Ah poor innocent beings!

Of all the animals, he was most excited with the fishes. The cat and dogs were hopeless. Slept all the time. Only one cat made the point to do his oh-look-at-me catty routines :p

Argh. When will we be able to have a cat at home?

[2]Unlike her brother, Zahra is very keen on eating. Give her anything and she won't grudge. Even euwwy veggies. Wow! Respect habis.

So when I spooned her medicine as she sat in her bumbo babysitter :eksyen:, she's like,"What's this yellow thing? Good stuff eh?" and just took it in without hassle. Little did she know that was her potion for healthy no-icky-mucus nose.

If it was her brother, that would be a battle. But off course, the villain i.e. me, always win :p


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