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>> Saturday, March 18, 2006

Had been busy and mentally exhausted to update the blog. I don't want to get into details of what had happened for the past few days because it will involve a lot of whining and umpat-ing hehe. The isi penting however, is that I presented revenue assurance in front of the Vice President. My boss? Bah! Don't get me started on him.

Ooppsie termengumpat :P

Well, not all is bad actually. For one, the VP gets to know me. Not that that's the first time I presented in front of him. But still, we need to refresh his memory eh? And if I don't get enough exposure, how will the big bosses know me right? Thanks to the exposure, my GM gave me a good rating for my performance appraisal, which is even higher than my boss hehe. He even wrote,"Hartini has put up a creditable performance." Pergh... very personalized beb :P My colleagues didn't get their names mentioned, so I guess I can be a bit perasan.

Yesterday, I spent the day lepaking. Well, most of us were. Our energy level was so low and we really need a break. So I went to Midvalley for, emmm food therapy haha as always and looking around for gifts. Lots of wedding you see. I bought two big mugs with lots of love (yess yucky but we're talking about wedding here). One has two giraffes at each end of the mug, attached with strings of love, and the other has two bears swimming in hundreds of love. Euww if you asked me, but.

For the card I wrote,

Love is all about sharing. So, share a drink :-P

To me, that's cute. Hope the couple would love the gift. I gave the one for Nyet and wife to Bisu as we couldn't make it to Melaka. My husband is quite tight up.

Rota's is still in the car. Not sure if we can make it, but Mat Tabligh said he can curi masa for a while.


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