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>> Wednesday, March 22, 2006

OK, no more slothing. I need to get my butt moving. After reading Bai's babbling about his health, I realised how unfit I am. Why, I practically out of breath just walking up the slope at Cygal, which perhaps only 50 metres stretch. And, what with the perut buncit? And what about those fats around my hip, my butt. Utterly disgusting.

So this morning after Subuh, I started of with 30 sit ups. Yeah, not much but as a beginner, I shall not overdo myself. As time goes by, I'll gradually increase the intensity. And I walked up the slope, not using the lift as usual hehe. Went to cafetaria at LG floor for breakfast, and managed to walk up the stairs for 3 floors. Then I use the lift to get to my office because my heart burned like hell hahahaha. So unfit eh? Takpe, take it slowly la kan?

I also brought my newly-bought toaster to office. No more nasi lemak in the morning. Limit the intake of fried chickens, which will be very very tough, because fried chickens always look so ever yummy. Oh my God! Just writing it make me slobber. Erk!

Not good, not good, not good. Think FC, think bird flu :-p Fish is yummier and healthier (provided that they don't swim in mercury and lead)

Wish me luck!


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