Love The Nature.

>> Thursday, March 23, 2006

[1]Valentino Rossi, kau sangat comel. Buat aku tersenyum di waktu pagi.

[2]Something is wrong with our electricity meter. For months, our bills would show negative figure. Puzzling. But maybe because TNB had been over-charging us last year. Last year we would pay like RM70 per month. Which is even more puzzling.

So I took that for granted. TV was on without nobody's watching. PC was on the whole night through. The apartment was full of light even when we're sleeping.

It just occured to me last night that I had been wasting on natural resources. God knows how much energy was consumed to work that turbin in hydro-electric dam, and here I am whining about rising petrol price but have the nerve to waste on electricity?

Yet I claim myself nature's lover. Hah! Shame on me.

[3]Note to self: Do not waste water too.


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