>> Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Aku patut sujud syukur. Tapi aku tak buat sebab malas hehe. (Ke sombong?) But seriously, yes I should. Because He heard me and helped.

I was in dire straits from the last few weeks. Problems at work piling on my chest, eating me up. I refrained from complaining or whining as that was the taqdir decided upon me. So I kept it to myself, screaming like hell inside.

Yesterday was the peak of it. I couldn't bear it anymore. My heart was burning. My energy was all sucked up. So I broke down. I cried and cried in my solat, asking for His help, asking for His forgiveness for fearing those in higher position. As I should not fear others, but Him.

True that when you put all your hope to Him, He will help. My problems seem to be settled this morning. Like, suddenly. Pelik tapi benar :-p

Thank you, Allah.

To others reading this, remember, fear only Allah. Dan segala gerak geri makhluk adalah di bawah kuasaNya.


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