Reality Bites.

>> Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I so hate wearing glasses.

I rather be short sighted than seeing my ugly face in the mirror. With lots of dot dot here and holes there. It can be literally said that my face is like bumpy road. No wonder my brothers said that my face is like the moon, as they shriek in evil sarcastic laughter. What did they mean by that? I didn't get Neil Armstrong or aliens landed on my face. Du-uh.

Hah! Brothers. They can be such a pain. What more painful is that they're so true. Huhu.

I need major face job. Know where can I get cheap botox, anyone? :-P

Note to self: Put down my glasses whevener I go to toilet.

Second note to self: Groom Ameer not to become a pain to Zahra (and other sisters, if any) hehe.


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