>> Monday, September 25, 2006

Maybe I should have with me a notebook, as in a stack of papers binded together, just in case you techie people gets confused, and a pen wherever I go.

Like, a true writer.

Ideas can be stingy some times. They don't come when you wanted them to. When they do, they come like unexpected heavy rain, no thunder, no lighting, none whatsoever to tell upfront. Ideas are like that, they just, come.

When ideas caught you off guard, it is better to straight away write it down. If you don't, they went cranky and played hide and seek just to punish you.

I mean, have you ever get a gush of ideas while walking, or while standing in lrt, or just sitting in Burger King, watching people goes by, and said,"Woohoo I'll blog about this tonight", and later that night, you went to, keyed in your username and password, clicked at new post, and then stared at the empty form.

You went,"What was that thing I thought before?"

You stared, blink blink and after awhile, clicked logout.

There goes the opportunity of amusing your frequent readers and getting more fans :lol:


Oh, just in case you noticed and wondered, some of the posts consisting "weaving ketupat" content are safe in my keeping hehehe. Ramadhan maaaa :-p


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