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>> Sunday, September 17, 2006

While Ameer is in his elements whenever cars and balls are involved, which I shall add, very typical of men boys, Zahra is a little bit academic. Pens, pencils, papers and books are her favorite things. She even reads my Detective Conan before bedtime. She gigles when I read out loud.

She's also an explorer, curious of new things. Like a cat, she brave climbing the chairs and even the breakfast bar, then cries for help to get down. Which I found funny as well as annoying. Sendiri buat, sendiri tanggung la mek! Heheh.

She copycats her brother a lot. They quarrel a lot, yes, but its obvious that she looks up to her brother. There's this funny stance that Ameer loves to do when he's excited, and recently Zahra loves doing it too.

But her temperament, my goodness! No word can I explain.



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