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>> Thursday, October 19, 2006

Last Monday, I received a postcard from Ms. Read. She told me that she had opened a new factory outlet at Maju Junction, where I can get reduced price all year long for her line of clothing. Of course her offer is for last season or last collection items, but who cares about seasons anyway? It's not like we have summer, winter, spring and autumn here. The only season we have is haze. And I don't care about up-to-date collections either. I just want to look nice.

After years of denial, I finally admit that I need to wear clothes designed for ahem, 'horizontally-callenged' woman, and those XL clothes that ordinary shops carry do not fit. Even if it fits, the sleeves is either short or three quarter, or the length of the blouse is not long enough to cover my butt, which failed piawaian SIRIM. So like it or not, I have to buy the expensive ones from specialized boutiques.

Stingy Mat Scrooge at home will be screaming on top of his lung if I went back with shopping bags in my hand, but, like I care. Talk to my hand, dear. Oh, do you remember the time when you crazily buy computer gadgets, playstation, and whatnot which costs more than 5 of my bajus? Hmm?

Furthermore, since I always engaged in the I-don't-have-any-clothes-for-office drama in the morning, frantically searching from one room to another, that's hard evidence that I do not have enough clothes. I mean, 7-feet built-in wardrobe and two cupboards, plus a special wall cabinet for my tudung, only? You've got to be kidding us. How can a woman live with that small amount of clothes?

[2]Target 1: Solat Tarawikh 8 rakaat, at least on alternate nights.
Achievement: Hampa. Tak buat pon. Awal-awal je bersemangat. Lepas tu dah terhook kat Gong Chan Oppa & Doctor Su yang hensem la banget. Kalau dah namanya Jerry Yan, memang leeerrrr... comelnyaaa eeeii geraaaammm.

Target 2: Mengaji Quran, at least khatam until Juzuk 15 by end of the month.
Achievement: Malam ni Insya allah, sampai Juzuk 15. Semalam dah baca sampai Juzuk 14.

Target 3: Provide food for Ris to bring back home for Sahur.
Achievement: Kadang kadang bagi, kadang kadang tak. Tapi gua dah bagi dia baju & tudung raya. Kira aci tak? Hehe.

Target 4: Kurangkan mengumpat.
Achievement: Err... hehe. Kurang la skit dari kadar biasa :-D

Target 5: Reduce 5 kg.
Achievement: Hampeh hahahaha. Gemuk jugak!

[3]Semoga berbahagia di Hari Raya di samping mereka yang disayangi. Segala kesilapan saya harap dimaafi.

p/s: Jom konvoi kota bharu!!!


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