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>> Monday, October 30, 2006

I went to Mydin during lunch hour. Well, it's not really lunch hour to be frank, but on a Monday when a lot of other people still not done with their holidaying and those who chose to come to the office have nothing to do anyway, 12 noon to 3 p.m. is lunch hour.

The initial intention is to buy more clothes for Ris. As she is a daily helper, I had bought clothes enough for her to wear during the day only. I don't want to interfere with her choice of clothes while she's at her home with her husband :-p So, since she will be transported to Kota Bharu with the kids and stayed there for almost two months, she obviously needs more clothes.

Even though a lot of other people feel that a domestic helper does not really need to wear nice clothes, I beg to differ. I like my helper to look nice, prim and proper (although I am not hehe) She is part of the family, and don't you want your family member to look nice?

Therefore, I set a rigid piawaian for her clothes. White, transparent t-shirt is a major no-no. The sleeves must be long. The length of the baju should be long enough to cover the bottom. The material should be a good one, where she would be comfortable wearing it while doing her works.

Sadly to say, I couldn't find clothes that fit those requirement at Mydin. Or maybe my eyes are not good enough to shop in a limited time. But anyway, I did came back to office with few shopping bags.

I ended up buying ......???

A good reader of this blog may guess it right :wink:

[2]Seen at Menara.

Secret Recipe. Opening Soon.


I object! Objek se-objek-objek nya. This is unbecoming. How could they open such restaurant at office building? It will lead to loss of focus, mental disorder, financial difficulties, and emotional imbalances in workplace! Can't they see?

This is obviously a conspiracy. Against beautiful and slender me. Huh! I can't let this to happen.

Piket minggu depan!!!!


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