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>> Monday, October 02, 2006

We hosted makan-makan at our place last Saturday.

The verdict?

Food was good. The company was good. The kids were happy. They played football in the living room, and came to a conclusion that Ameer is a great footballer hehe. Don't we all know about that already? --> Kerek mode.

I mean, what do you say about 3-years old boy who managed to kick ball passed four older kids? Abang Long, I think he's in Standard 4, commented that since Ameer kicks with his left leg, very fast and strong indeed, it's quite hard to anticipate where the ball will go. We had a laugh looking at the older kids trying to catch the ball. Macam-macam style.

After the gathering though, I had a grim thought. One of the guest commented that we should look for a bigger house. That actually, caught me and Mat Tabligh off guard. I didn't remember if we replied anything to that comment. Perhaps some murmur or something. Or did I blink?

So I spent my Sunday afternoon surfing. For House for Rent. I was thinking maybe we can rent out our apartment, demand is quite good for Vista Angkasa, and we can easily get at least RM1K monthly rental. I found out that rental for double storey house is not that expensive. In fact, if we are mengedon (read: Mat Tabligh jargon for mengada), for that RM1K we can rent a big double storey house in Kota Damansara. I even found advertisement for corner lot unit in Kota Damansara for rental of RM1K. That's a good deal eh?

Then I started thinking of things needed for the new house, like new curtains. We currently do not have a sofa and what good a big living hall without it. We would also be needing new dining table for family gathering. And since we've been Japanese all this while, a new bedroom set would be nice. Also, new things for the kid's room. And obviously, nice beautiful kitchen cabinet. With new 2-door fridge and new oven for baking breads and cakes. And perhaps, new 13 kg automatic washine machine to wash the sheets and comforters.

Oh, can we have cats too?

Reality check.

What was I thinking? Doesn't that would incur more cost? Have I forgotten our long term target? To save money as much as we can so that we can say bye bye to our 9-5 job and KL, and hello hometown, hello business?

Furthermore, I have my brother's university fees to think about. I can't afford to live lavishly now. I've set my priorities right and I am going to stick to that.

As for now, a new home is not the priority. In fact, we already have a home. A very nice one at that.


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