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>> Friday, February 23, 2007

So I thought 4-days holidays in KL would be boring.

Yes dear. I spent CNY holidays in KL because just last week, Haji Mat's boss instructed him not to go anywhere but home. He needed to standby just in case the ticketing system got any problem. What more can you say when you are the only Malay in the office? Just don't forget to get our sweet revenge when Eid comes MUAHAHAHAHA.

OK. Back to the story.

As I found it later, it was not that boring. Because of few things. Like, for example, how Ris and I got ourselves into a project. Sewing project actually.

On Friday evening, I let Zahra tried on her new jubah I bought in Mekah. She loves wearing it so much! She refused to change into her normal clothes. But the jubah is too long for her, we can't see her legs and hands, and she may only wear it by Raya. So, eureka! Let's make a jubah for Zahra, I said.

On Saturday morning, the whole clan flocked Nagoya Textile in Plaza Warisan to search for cloth. We ended up buying three pieces of kain cotton; blue, pink and brown. Err... brown doesn't really suit a sweet little girl eh? Well... that's for the big girl hehehe. Yang besar tu pon sweet :-p

While the kids were napping in the afternoon, I started on the project. I sketched the pola on a white sugar paper, cut it, placed it on the cloth, cut the cloth and started joining the pieces by stitching on the outer side. The stitch I was using for the outer side is jelujur halus. After that, I terbalikkan the kain and started stitching the inner side. I don't remember the name of the stitch, but it is like as if you're sewing with a machine. After that I let Ris to do the finishing i.e. kelim lengan & hujung jubah. The stitch used for the finishing is sembat.

Oh, just in case you were wondering why I have to stitch, first the outer side and then the inner side. That's because I doubt any tailor would accept mesin tepi (this is a finishing for the side of the kain so that the thread will not loose) for such a small jubah. I had been rejected before OK? when I wanted to do Ameer's bedsheet and pillows. So I have to opt for double stitching. Tedious, I'll say. End result? Satisfying.

The most tricky part is doing the collar. But for first timers , we're doing OK. We managed to siapkan the jubah in two days, which made you wonder why it took us that long to sew such a small material. Well, in due respect, it's 100% hand stitch OK? And Zahra was no help either. She kept on pulling the kain from us. Can't blame her though. She's too excited over her new jubah. So we can only work on our project while she's sleeping.

Then we discovered that I made some mistake in measuring her height. Oh dear! So the last day of the holiday was spent making a pants, so that it will look like baju punjabi. Which was also a gamble, since I never learnt on how to make pants. The pants turned out looking like pants though :-p

I also received a telephone call on one afternoon while busy sewing. I was quite irritated to be disturbed, but I answered the call nevertheless. It goes something like this.

Hello? Boleh bercakap dengan Dewi?

I nearly choked. WhatwiththeDewi thing? I was even more irritated.

Boleh tak saya tahu Dewi duduk kat mana?
Huh? Kerinchi.
Kerinchi tu kat mana ya?
Aaa KL?
Oo betullah tu. Tak salah orang. Saya orang Ulu Langat.

Hoookaaay. Does it matter to me if you are Ulu Langat-ites? Anyway.

Saya selalu jumpa Dewi. Dewi pon selalu jumpa saya. Tapi kita tak kenal.


Ni mana dapat nombor saya ni?
Dari kawan.
Ni sapa ni?
Saya XXXX. Student kat Melaka. Tapi duduk kat Ulu Langat.
Oooo ye ke?

Time ni aku rasa macam dah nak tergolek2. I mean, helloo??? Student muda belia lagi?

Salah ke kalau kita berkenalan?
Hehe... salah la jugak. Sebab saya nih dah kawin, ada anak dua. Awak ni maybe salah orang kot.

Muahahaha. Kontrol beb, kontrol. Jangan gelak. Kesian kat mamat nih.

Ooo ye ke. Boleh tak saya tahu umur Dewi berapa?
Oooo... kalau macam tu, minta maaf ye. Terima kasih sebab sudi berbual.

MUAHAHAHAHAHA. I am a bit flattered OK? I mean, eventhough this might be a case of mistaken identity, but no harm to perasan a bit eh?, at this age, with two kids, a face full of acnes, and what with my XXXXL size, still ada saham. Haji Mat didn't take it lightly though. His eyebrows arched, his voice stiffened and went, who asked you to dress nicely to office? Cot cet cot cet. Few hours later, when I thought the matter dah tutup buku, he went, I'm still unsatisfied, how does he gets your number? How shall I know dear. That is X-Files to me too. Why don't you call him back and ask?

My holidays turned out to be quite interesting, don't you agree? :-)


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