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>> Friday, April 27, 2007

[1] I should be even smarter by now as I've been going to a lot of training for the past 2 months. Presentation skills, (where, eventhough I was Ron's best student during the course, I still found myself mumbling like an idiot whenever I'm doing presentation or conducting meetings, which if I may add is non of Ron's fault because he is such a good trainer and as darling and charming as Englishmen can be), Corporate Proposal skills (which my boss was also supposed to go but she didn't want to because she is already good at that, so she claimed, which I have to laugh out loud for her claim but nevermind), Sales Leadership training (which does not add value to my knowledge, no offence to my trainer), Sales Relationship Building (woohoo, the bestest of all because I get to do all the jungley stuff like crawling in a cold teh susu river etc.) and last but not least, Blue Ocean Strategy, the most valuable knowledge by far.

Wow. Maybe I should get an award for being "The Most Training-holic Staff of the Year."

Well, actually. They made me go :-p

[2]That reminds me. Blue Ocean Strategy training was conducted at PWTC, and the room was soo damn cold that you need to answer nature's call every one hour, and believe me, you'll hate the toilet.

Whoever invented the toilet with water coming out from the back of your butt, helllooo get reaaaalll???? Who would be that lazy to clean up after doing their business?

The inventor, obviously.

[3]Sorry to gross you out on the toilet thing. Lets talk about better things. Like, food.

Yesterday, I woke up fairly early by my standard :-D and the urge to bake just came so suddenly that my helper was puzzled and asked what I was doing in the kitchen seven in the morning.

And, ehem ehem, I successfully baked a cheesecake, complete with the crust at the bottom of the cheesecake before going off for Ameer's speech therapy at SJMC. For an amateur, I'll say that my cheesecake turned out well.

Now that I know how easy peasy it is to make cheesecake, apologies to Secret Recipe but you just lost a customer :-p


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