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>> Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Last night, my husband made me abandon Betty and met his friends from the world of Sojourn instead. Not something that you would look forward to, but then, let just give the man a break. Perhaps by doing what he wants me to do for him, he'll buy me a Diamond & Platinum ring for my birthday next year, to compensate with the non-existence of birthday present for me for two consecutive years, which is very very saddening I shall add.


This guy whom he wanted to met, his name is Paolo, is the only guy in the island of Philiphines that plays Sojourn. Paolo came to Malaysia on a holiday spree with his parents, and one of his brothers. He said his other two brothers refuse to tag along because they're busy with their girlfriends. Huh? Not very important, but nevermind.

Wait till you hear this. His father is a dentist. So does his other three brothers. Guess what he does? Not a dentist. Instead, he paints. He used to paint people, object, but it gets pretty boring. So now he paints abstract. Play with colours, he said. Nobody wants to buy his work, so he claimed.

But, poor people don't stay in J.W.Marriot. Trying to bluff your way eh?

The guys then started to talk about the love of their life. Unfortunately not their wives or girlfriends, but Sojourn. They talked and talked and talked, so absorbed in the world of battles, dragons, fancy ancient war equipment etc. Let me tell you this, it's damn boring.

There was another lady accompanying her husband, I didn't get her name but her husband is nicknamed Cop, and I could see her despair. I don't blame her because I was bored as well. Apparently they were just married for a month. To add to her misery, I told her that my beloved husband has been playing Sojourn since 1997, which he later corrected me, 1995 actually, and even with a wonderful wife (which is me of course) and two lovely kids, he still addicted to it. I just love that horrified face expression of hers. Its like, oh no? what if my husband can't stop? is my life going to be horrible? what have I gotten myself into?


Yeah. I'm bad.


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