My Cuppies.

>> Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The cupcakes I made for Raya Celebration in the office few weeks back. Apple green and yellowish cream to match the festives mood ^_^

Since I am a beginner, it took me the whole night to bake and decorate. But it was all worth it as my cuppies get all the oohs and aahs hehehehe.

In fact, everything on the table awed everybody who came to our Open Office, and we are truly truly happy with our efforts to pull it off. I dare say that ours is the best and has become a benchmark, which is hard for people to be at least at par with us :-p

The main agenda before people came knocking our door and dig in hehehe:

I'm the lady in gold :-p

p/s: I have no baju raya hookay? the baju was bought the day before, I had no time to be choosy.


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