>> Thursday, December 06, 2007

I'm not sure if all dads have it, but my husband surely has this supernatural ability, to soundproof his kids' cries, wails, wimps and fancies, even if they were only an inch away from his ears. And when I yell to him from the kitchen, like hello? your kid is demanding your attention?, only then he'll take his eyes from the computer screen and went, Huh? It's like he can hear me, but not the kids?


I'm amazed. That is truly classic and amazing. Please God, can I have it too?


It is beyond me. I mean, why a company would want to spend money for staff's flight, lodging and everything to an oversea country, just to deliver a parcel, weighing not more than 3 kg, which is supposedly be their product, and some more gives lucrative commission to the staff for delivering the product, when they can easily courier it via Pos Laju or something?

Common sense OK. That supposedly "product" must be illegal, like drug or something. When you got caught, you went, oh I teraniaya? I don't know it's drug?

Please OK girls. Have more common sense. Don't let money blind you.


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