I better keep my mouth shut.

>> Tuesday, September 16, 2008

For I tend to speaking too soon.

I was telling my husband on Sunday night that thank goodness weekend are only two days. It was such a headache to maintain peace when you have 4 kids playing in the house. Jerit pekik, tangis tawa, gaduh pukul. Aduuuhhhh.... pening!

And what with, Auntie, Adik kan, dia pukul saya. Auntie, tadi dia cakap bodoh. Auntie, Adik & Steward nak susu. Auntie, nak air. Auntie itu, Auntie ini. Auntie, %^&$#!* kap, kap (entah hapa bahasa budak ni cakap).Even Adik Zahra called me Auntie, apa kes?

I mean, hello? Uncle Ahmad is there having his own sweet time playing sojourn with his laptop, and I'm here doing chores in the kitchen, why keep on bothering me?????

Eeeee.... geraaammmm!!!!

To rub more salt on my wound, the kids came to our house after school yesterday. I wouldn't mind that actually, but please... can you keep the chaos outside of the house? Nak main, main ler. Tapi jangan ganggu kedamaian aku, aci? Ini asyik asyik bergaduh je budak-budak ni. Ggrr. Or, boleh tak kacau Uncle Ahmad pulak?

Kepala pusing.


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