Let's Party.

>> Thursday, September 11, 2008

I'm blogging from my husband's office, sitting comfortably on a red sofa in front of a beautiful feature wall painted in turqoise with my toes tangling. It is near the main entrance though, so as people passed me by, they looked at me in amusement.

Lots of things happened from the last time I wrote. But the mood to write just wasn't there :-)

We threw out a party a day before Ramadhan. It was a 3-in-1 kind of party. Birthday party for Ameer & Zahra + House Warming (to introduce ourself to our good neighbours) + Celebrate the coming of Ramadhan. It was our first time to held a big occasion like this. Usually it were only small family gatherings.

Anyway, we were overwhelmed with our neighbours' response. We never thought that they would be that friendly and warm. For your information, our neighbourhood is multi-racial. We not only have the usual Chinese and Indians, my neighbours are also Kadazans, Thais, Philiphinos, Bangladeshi etc. One uncle even commented that his race is campur-campur.

We never expected that our neighbours would come with presents and angpows. My kids were beaming the whole day because they got lots of presents. We received red packets and "May Lord bless this home with full of joy and happiness" speeches, which made us speechless :lol: Not the mention, a new set of long crystal glass to add in my kitchenware.

And, the most relieving thing was that, we finally knew that we are not the only malay family in the neighbourhood. An old couple came to our house later at 6 p.m., Pak Syed and Makcik Zainab, looking frail and lonely (for they live all by themselves), and stayed until its nearly 7. Makcik Zainab told me that they have been living in their house for like, more than 30 years, and that, they bought the house for only RM7K. I mean like, can you believe it? Compare that with the price we're paying for our house. Almost 34 times more!

My colleague's husband asked us, what would be the criteria of choosing a house, for young people like us, and I said, laughing,"5 minutes to the office!"


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