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>> Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The thing about blogging in the virtual world, is that, its virtual [? Ini statement ala-ala nak berfalsafah tapi jadi hampas] I mean like, we can brag about ourself. We can be what we are not, and people can't really know for sure if we are telling the truth. And the thing about bragging is that, we do not want people to know the actual fact.

I was caught off guard this evening. I was a bit tired after two meetings in a row, trying to solve external issues, and then off I went to Keramat for yet another external meeting. Plus the fact that I was hungry. I was too busy I couldn't even grab a lunch. All I had was a Cadbury bar on our way to Keramat. Haven't I mention anywhere in this blog that I'm at my lowest when I'm hungry? I can even bite people :-p

[The para above is a lame excuse of what's happening next]

So apparently, I was lame during the meeting. As I was talking, lamely I shall add, I saw two ladies joining the meeting. I couldn't recall who they are [I need to increase my RAM memory], and dind't know why are they joining the meeting, because I never had a meeting with them, but I figured they must have some kepentingan to join the meeting. So I kept on talking and scribbling on the whiteboard. LAMELY.

After the discussion ended, I looked at the lady sitting next to me, and smiled to her. She smiled to me but she didn't say anything, until another lady (who came with her) said [on her behalf] that she had something else to talk to me to. Because I look familiar.

Me, and my lame self went, "Oh, saya Jawa dari Johor. Ada kenal ke?" I mean like, could you go any lamer than that?

And then, after a while, when I thought that other people have other things to think about, I looked at her and she quietly told me that she knew me from my blog. The first thing in my mind was that, "OH GOD, NOW ONE OF MY READERS [as if I have a lot] KNOWS HOW LAME I AM."

There goes my self esteem that I held so proudly in this virtual world :-p


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