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>> Wednesday, November 12, 2008

29 - 31 October: Workshop @ Equatorial Bangi
1 November: School Day @ Allson Klana Seremban
2 November: Berkampung @ Abang Farid's place
3 November: Challenge Session @ PJ Hilton till 8 p.m. and off I went to Majlis Kesyukuran @ Shah Alam for my in-laws who are going for Hajj
4 - 7 November: Workshop @ Corus Paradise PD
7 November: Send Mak back to Benut
8 November: Back to KL and off we went to Shah Alam and Kelana Jaya to bid farewell to Abang Amir & K.Ina for Hajj
9 - 10 November: MIL at my home, took a-day leave

I am at peace this week. Even the chaotic office life seems normal :-p

Oh, notice the School Day thingy in my schedule? Well, I reached home quite late that Friday afternoon. My brain was fully occupied with some Regulatory stuffs for the whole week plus the fact that I was away from home. When it was finally registered to my brain that the kids need to attend some school event thingy very early in the morning on the next day, I went into panic mode. Ahmad was such a failure. My every questions were answered with "ekekeke I don't know." Like, so typical dads.

So, I called the nursery at 8.00 p.m. Unfamiliar voice on the other line. I asked for the cikgus, she said,"All of them went to Seremban already." Argh! My ultraman button is blinking red. Luckily, she further deliberated,"Why don't you call them on mobile 013XXXXXXX?" Fuh lega makcik seketika.

Helo Cikgu Intan.
Besok kat mana?
Allson Klana.
Oo, jam berapa?
Kalau boleh, sampai jam 8. [Mati la kitorang kena bangun awal]
T-shirt putih dengan seluar biru. [Ha?? Mana nak cari tu??]
Lepas tu kena pakai kasut.
Alamak! Diorang mana ada kasut cikgu???
Datang tau! Ameer dengan Zahra dapat award. Lepas tu, ada persembahan.
Eh, dapat award? Mcm tak caya je.

Ameer besok ada persembahan?
Persembahan macam mana? Cuba tunjuk kat mama.
Tak tahu.
Dah sudah....

Salam Cikgu Intan.
Ameer macam tak tahu je persembahan macam mana.
Eh tau. Dia dah belajar dah. Zahra pon tau.
Ye ker? OK nama persembahan tu Cikgu panggil apa?
Senam Seni.
Oo OK OK. Senam Seni ek?

Ameer, cuba tunjuk kat mama, macam mana Senam Seni.
[Ameer and Zahra do some moves, nothing seems comprehensible to me at first but nevermind, lets see what happens tommorow]
Oh OK la tu. Asalkan tahu.

Then my husband went rushing to buy white t-shirt and new shoes for them. Alhamdulillah, got it from Carrefour :-)

It was so worthwhile panicking the night before (and in the morning as we are not morning people) because we got to see them dancing on stage. Wow, Ameer actually good at dancing. He was following the beat and rhytm of one Siti Nurhaliza's song. Zahra on the other hand, main taram je hahaha.

And yes, they did get awards. Zahra for Anak Rajin, and Ameer for Akhlak Mulia. So unbelievable. I mean, helo... anak rajin? Apsal asik sepahkan toys aje? Mama suruh kemas buat tak tahu je? And, Akhlak Mulia? Macam, totally susah nak dipercaya. But, believe it or not, they are my kids :-D


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