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>> Thursday, November 20, 2008

As I listened to my mom complaining about her mother not wanting to rest and keep on doing house chores when it has been advised by doctor not to, I can't help from pointing out to her that, she is exactly the same as the person she is complaining about. She just laughed and said,"Eh ye ke?"

That makes me wonder if daughters are mirror image of their moms. Zahra is a perfect example. She has every bad things about me. Stubborn. Incomprehensible disposition. Easily naik angin for no apparent reason. Kuat merajuk dan susah nak pujuk. You can see her talkative at a time, and can be very quiet at another time, depending on the crowd. And most glaring, hard to say sorry to the loved ones, even when at fault.

Knowing that fact, its kind of hard to scold her or advise her, because she is me! Macam, marah diri sendiri la kan & cakap tak serupa bikin :-p

Thing is, why am I not my mother? I am so totally different from her. She has all the energy in the world twentyfour by seven, tak boleh duduk diam and stuff, and all I want to do, is to lie on the bed all day and relax. She is so warm and friendly that she gets to know my neighbours in just her one-month stay, that this Auntie sew curtain for living, another Auntie has three kids and all, while I have been there for months, I don't even know the name of Auntie next-door!

OK lets just blame it on boarding school and uni years :-p

p/s: I saw a mommy cat and her brood outside my house, cuddling in the box I put under meja lipat. [Ya, aku tak kemas lagi meja banquet open house hari tu] I just saw her 2 weeks ago with bulging tummy, and now anak-anak dah besar dah pon. Oh dear. I know! I swore not to have another cat pet after what had happened to Kucing-yang-tak-sempat-diberi-nama, but God says otherwise. Redha sahaja lah :-p [Furthermore, she is one hot mama and her kids are oh so cute]


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