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>> Monday, November 24, 2008

Oh god.

I need to give competency feedback on:

1 Superior
1 Subordinate [well, what happened to my other subordinate? hhmm]
5 Peers
8 Customers
Total = 16

Deadline? 30 November. I'm totally dead y'ols.

Oh anyway, since my feedback as a customer is not pre-determined by HR but the person himself/herself, I'm quite honored to know that a lot of people considered me to give feedback on them. This means that, people [at least 8] knows I'm alive and senses my co-existence in the company :-p

Being the nerd I am, do I like, honestly give my feedback, so that people can change for the better, or should I give them all full mark since this co-relates with their bonus next year? Persimpangan dilema hhmm.I don't really have the answer, but I do know I don't really have the time, considering the deadline and my tight schedule, I'll just close my eyes and click click click, tadaaa done! Apa-apa saja la kan?


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