>> Thursday, December 04, 2008

He sat solemnly across the table with his hands crossed over his chest and his long legs sprawling on the floor as he listened to our complex, or rather silly actually, system requirements, looking dangerously dark and handsome. I heard from others of how arrogant he is. It has been assumed that he knew how handsome he is, and he's being super conscious about it. Control macho, so they said.

Me being curious, watched him intensely. With extra care of course. We don't want to leave any bad impression about Malaysian girls eh? Yes, he seemed like control macho a bit, but as I analyzed him further, it is not because he perasan handsome whatsoever [sebab memang hensem pon, rasa macam tengok pelakon espanola telenovela secara live hehe] but he is actually a shy person, and having some inferiority complex issues. Which is still a mystery to me, why most of handsome guys I know have low self esteem? I mean like, heloooo? you are handsome so you should have been proud about it? Yang tak hensem pulak yang perasan terlebih :-p

He would rather think quietly at a corner, but thing is, he is the development team leader from the supplier side. Sort of "the expert". So, everybody would turn to him for confirmation. So he has to say something out of the expectation, and he would start his speech with "Well...." and then apologizing like an embarrassed little boy for keep on "well"-ing. Perhaps, he is being inferior for his accent, worrying that people won't understand him. [On our first meeting, I told him that I didn't understand single thing he said after such a lengthy speech, and he said oh! with a bewildered look on his face]

For today's meeting, I raised another silly question, but to my surprise, it sparked his interest and his enthusiasm really shows. His face was no longer solemn. He spoke with a beaming cheek and gleaming eyes. He even searched for a paper, took a chair and sat beside me. He thought, and wrote. As I pointed out that he spelled it wrongly, he patiently told me that's how they wrote it in Portugese. As he asked me questions and expecting my responds, I tried my best not to look or sound stupid, and to portray some sort of intelligence, only to fail miserably haha. And thank God that the meeting needed him to confirm on some requirements before I made further fool of myself. But we did promised to sit with each other again to discuss about it :-p

And yes, I still keep the paper he wrote, and intend to keep it until the spasm retires.


p/s: doesn't his name remind you of TMNT? the one who craze about cheese and pepperoni pizza is he?


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