Rafael II

>> Friday, December 05, 2008

[1]Kawan #1: Aku tak puas hati betul la.
Kawan #2: La kenapa?
Kawan #1: Si Rafael tu. Dengan tini, lembut je dia. Dengan kita bukan main kasar.
Kawan #2: Ha-ah betul betul betul.
Aku: Eh eh. Ye ke? Mana ada. :chuckle:
Kawan #1: Dia happy je hari ni sebab kau ada kot.
Kawan #2: Mesti dia suka tengok muka tini.
Kawan #1: Cuba la kau check mana la tau muka kau macam gf dia ke, mak dia ke.
Kawan #2: Ha-ah betul betul betul. Mana la tau.
Aku: Sabo je la :-p

[2]But yes, Rafael is a totally different person today. He smiles a lot, showing his cute lil dimple on his cheek, and cracking jokes. Where does that humor come from? It wasn't there for the last two weeks. I heard grudges about him, about how uncooperative he is with the business requirement team. But today, he is very easy-going. He stands tall in front of the room, delivering his presentation in full confidence, trying his best to overcome his inferiority for his poor conduct of english, while occassionally looking at my direction for, ehem, moral support maybe.

Maybe, just maybe, our feelings towards each other is mutual.


[3] I was standing, while reading a minutes of meeting at the cubicle. I heard the automatic door beeping, and raise my face to look who's on the door. It was Nick, Rafael and another two Malaysian guys.

It seemed to me that Nick and Rafael were delighted to see me there. Because I asked a lot of questions during our meetings, which many a time showing my stupidity over my ever slow computation of my brain when it comes to technical thingy, but we never have time to have a chat. I heard Nick said "ah" with his amusing old Englishmen kind of way [oh I so love the way Englishmen structured their words and their rhythm, don't we all?] and did I see twinkles in Rafael eyes just now? They came straight to me, while I froze panicking.

Nick: I'm so sorry, but I didn't get your name.
Me: Hartini.
Nick: Karti?
Me: Har-ti-ni.
Nick: Ah. Like Martini with a H. But I don't suppose you drink Martini eh?
Me: Oh no, I don't.
Nick: If you do, its not going to give you any good anyway.

Nick left me alone with Rafael. Rafael was standing there, looking down at me, because he is very,very tall, with an arching amused eyebrow.

Rafael: You have anything interesting for me? [Because in the morning, he requested something from me]
Me: Well, we have an expert with us to discuss on the invoicing. Would you like to come and join us? so that you can further understand our current system?
Rafael: I'll tell you my strategy [looking mischieviously]. You give me whatever you have, I'll look into it, think over it and analyse it for like a day or two, and get back to you guys for stuffs that I don't understand. How's that?
Me: Hah! You can't possibly analyse it just by looking at it, can you?
Rafael: Yes I can. :grins: OK, I'll join your discussion, not a problem.

He looked down at me, and I looked up at him. Am I like, too short or what? Uh-uh my neck hurts. I wonder how he's gonna ride the lrt with that height. He surely knows how's Melman feeling all these times.

[4] Before you people make any assumption, ye aku exagerate je lebih HA-HA. Anyway, I'm writing this down just because. Who knows one day I'm inspired to become a writer and this notes may prove to be useful. Kan?

Profile: Polish + Spain. Born in Brazil. Taller than the whiteboard. Suspect to be in 20's. Single and available. Quiet most of the time, but can be exceptionally chirpy, if he wants to. Keep on apologizing for his poor english. Note to self: Need to point out to him that it is not his english, it's my slow brain processor because my brain need to translate english to malay before I can totally understand the craps they are talking about.

Abang Aji, mintak mahap ye banyak-banyak. Hehe.


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