The Days after Qurban.

>> Thursday, December 11, 2008

Suddenly I missed Mecca so much. I went there for Umrah in November 1995, and Hajj in December 2006. Going for Hajj is one experience that I seldom talk to other people, because going to Hajj in your 20's is not the norm in Malaysia, especially if you're going with your own money, without any capital injection from PAMA [read: papa & mama]. Also the fact that I do not look like a Hajjah hehe. I do not want to give people the bad impression of Hajjahs and I should not be representing the whole lot who are far off better than me. But I suddenly feel like talking about it, after two cycles of Hajj period.

I have learnt a lot during my Hajj trip, especially of the trivia things that we simply took for granted. The first thing that we've learnt upon reaching Mecca was, the importance of listening to your leader. My husband proceed to doing his umrah upon reaching Mecca without our knowledge. When we came to know about it, my mom and I couldn't wait to perform umrah too. My husband hesitated to allow us to go, because on his way up the hotel room from Masjidil Haram, he heard an announcement in the lobby that we shall perform umrah in a group and the Mutawwif will lead us. He read to us a hadith on following the leader's advice. He was afraid something bad will happen to us if we does not heed the advice. But of course, we were so eager to perform the ibadah, [also the fact that we were two stubborn ladies who just wouldn't listen] and asked him to accompany us.

Subhanallah, after performing Umrah, we met the group gathered in the lobby, listening to an "Ustazah" giving her guidance on the ibadah. My mother heard the ustazah mentioning about wearing hand cover to ensure that we do not expose our aurat during tawaf. She then began to panic, because she didn't wear one. I tried to convince her if she was 100% sure that she didn't expose her aurat, it should be OK, and she will not be penalised for something she does not know of. But well.... you know how older people feels about it. She was so scared and kept thinking about it, that she shivered in her sleep. In the beginning, I tried to talk to her over it, but since its not going to do any good for her, I finally said, OK Mak, lets do your tawaf and saei again if that will make you happy, I'll accompany you. I don't mind, at least I get extra marks for doing tawaf and saie sunat, Insya Allah.

And my husband was more than happier to give us his I've-told-you-so lectures :-p

Alhamdulillah, after performing the tawaf and saie, she was at peace again, and we have learnt our lesson and never again fail to heed our group leader's instruction [at least during Hajj hehe]

Insya Allah, if I have the time to spare, I'll try to keep on writing those simple things that I've learnt during my Hajj trip. I hope that it will inspired other people to visit Baitullah, at any age they maybe, because Hajj is not for older people only. We never know when our life shall end, and hopefully we can perform the five pillars of Islam before our last breath :-)

May Allah bless us all.


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