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>> Friday, January 02, 2009

Lets go to the zoo, there's lots of things to do.

Yup, we went to Zoo Negara last Monday. It was a great day, fine morning, weather was nice. A bit cloudy, but it didn't rain in the afternoon. In a nutshell, a great day to spend your day at the zoo, without the kids [and parents!] whining about the sun and heat.

It was Ameer's third trip to the zoo, and he seemed like, he's enjoying every moment of it. He was jumping here and there, and asking, where's the elephant? I want to see tigers, and lions roar, oh where's the bears? and rhinos? hippos? oh wow giant tortoise. So typical Ameer hehe.

Zahra was doing OK. She was excited too, but not as enthuasistic like her brother. She was more focused on playing with the camera [and cried out loud when we said no, duh!]

Here's some piccas!

At the ticket counter.

At Children's World, where you can pat the horses, ponies, goats and even cows.

Zahra feeding the goat.

Bambi, Mama!

I wonder what animal they were trying to find amongst the bushes.

Zahra getting bored already. It was past nap time.

At the end of our three-hour walk around the zoo, we had lunch at one of the cafe at the zoo to recover our energy hehe.

We will surely come again!

As for tomorrow, we planned to go to Taman Tasik. Great place to picnic! It has gigantic playground, KL Bird Park and also Deer Park. Hmm... what shall I pack for the picnic eh? Ideas welcomed :-D


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