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>> Thursday, March 05, 2009

I was forced to go to Cameron last week. It was not an enjoyable trip, because:

1. I love travelling, but not the agony of long journey. Which explains why I preferred airborne above anything else if I had the money. And the dwindling road as we went up to the highland? Please. No more Cameron.

2. The choice of hotel. Whatever you do at Cameron, just don't go to Equatorial Cameron. One, you would expect abundance of fresh strawberries being served at the coffee house at a hotel in Cameron, no? Well, sadly Equatorial doesn't share that sentiment. Two, Cameron is a place full of beautiful things like, roses, sunflower, lilies, etc. and you would expect fresh roses on the table as you take your breakfast, no? Again, Equatorial doesn't share this sentiment. Hello? Strawberries and flowers are cheap at this place OK? Hotels in KL wouldn't mind spending their money on strawberries and roses to cheer up their customers, even though the price of these are expensive here. Three, the toilets are a laughingstock. Mcm berada di zaman batu pulak. You expect us to fill up the gayung from the sink and carry the gayung in the cubicle? HA-HA very funny. Four, the food is nothing to shout about. Last but not least, what with asking the customer to go to ironing room at fifth floor? I see no difference between you and Rumah Tumpangan Ah Chong.


[FYI, I wrote about all this in the complaint form hehe and vowed to tell the world :-p]

3. The weather. I hated it. The bosses said, minds work better at cold weather. Yeah right. My teeth chatters. My hand shivers. I had leg cramps at night. My brain numb. Oh I wonder whose scientific theories that gave them such terrific ideas. I hope it's not Charlie Eppes's, because I adore his frizzy hair. Takde kaitan? Takpe.

4. Due to this Cameron trip, my kids had to sleep at my husband's office for two nights. And when I came back, one of my kids succumbed to infection. Aku dendam sampai mati OK?

[But thanks to his infection, I got the ticket to idle at home for a week! Weehee! Which is so not me. I would usually worry about work at office. But this time around, I told my husband, oh i don't give a damn, when he asked me about it. Ada issue kat tempat keje pon I tak amek port. Telephone calls pon tak angkat. Hambek ko! Korang setel la sendiri. My sweet revenge lalalala]

5. Changes in my hormones. Lame excuses. I can't help it, I'm a pregger people. Teehee.

But not all are bad. There are some positive points. Like, me getting a beautiful hand-woven picnic basket. And, filling it full with fresh strawberries, of which half has been successfully turned into delicious strawberry jam, and half are frozen for my future baking projects. And, a bottle of pure honey, from honeybees of Pahang forest, so they said, as natural remedies for my kids flu, cough and sore throat.

Home-made strawberry jams, baking projects, and natural home remedy. Oh I feel accomplish as a mother and a women. HA-HA.


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