Me and Machine.

>> Thursday, March 12, 2009

My husband once asked me,"Why can't you just drive?"

I said,"I had problems dealing with machines."

At first he couldn't believe me, because his mother and sisters can handle a car effortlessly, so why can't I. It is beyond his comprehension that any human can be this defective at handling such a simple task of driving a car. He then understood when he saw me struggling over a bunch of keys to open our front door. He went,"Oh can't you recognize the shape of the hole and match it with one of the keys?" Even when I get the right key, I just can't get it into the hole correctly.

"I told you I have mechanical diability!"

He nodded and sighed,"You can't open a door, whatmore handle a car."

Hu-hu. Sadis tapi benar.


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