Tidur Masjid.

>> Saturday, May 02, 2009

It's Ameer's first night out. Don't know yet how he's fare, as they have not come back from masjid. I am not worried at all, because I know I can trust the men of my family, they are exceptional people who do exceptional things :-)

Am proud of them. Always.

~~Updated on 11 a.m.~~
Ameer was beaming when they came back. He rushed to tell his sister about it. Managed to stop him from starting World War III. When asked, he simply said, "Best!"

Later in the evening, he asked his father if he can join his father again. Since our car is at the workshop and Mat Tabligh will be going to masjid by bike, Ameer was sadly left behind. Takpe la... lain kali OK?


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