Anyam Ketupat.

>> Friday, June 19, 2009

When you get to know a juicy gossip, you would want to share it with your best friend, no? And who else is your the bestest friend in the whole wide world if not your other half, right?

Tsk. So saddening. Apparently, my other half is not the kind of person who gets all excited about gossiping. Well, I knew this all along, I should have refrain from striking a conversation like,"Eh, awak tau tak si piot bin ngotnget tu, dia kan cot cet cot cet..." I mean hello hartini? your husband is a Mat Tabligh, you expect him to go all eyes wide open, his hand covering the gap of his mouth and go,"Oh, really? tell me more, more. i'm hungry for information."

Instead, you should have expect him say,

"Tutuplah aib orang lain, Insya Allah Tuhan akan menutup aib kamu."

Tsk tsk. So much so for the spirit of sharing is caring.


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